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Goodbye to Georgia THANK YOU!

Puddle Ehrlichia We had to let our Georgia go.... It was very sad for all of the staff she was very much loved by all of the staff, doctors and client. She crossed over the rainbow bridge in the afternoon of Monday February 27th.

She made a miraculous recovery from a major surgery just four weeks ago, when we removed a 7lb tumor from her liver. Sadly, around the 22nd, she started to slip away from us, we knew it was time.

The doctors knew there was nothing more they could do. Sadly one by one everyone stroked her soft fur for the last time fondly recalling special moments that they had enjoyed with her.

She spent her days wandering freely around the clinic, greeting everyone and checking out all the animals.

She was referred to as the "office supervisor".

She joined us in December 2011 and found her niche, one of 9 dogs that we took out of Georgia, within a week of arriving she gave us nine beautiful pups.

She was a very big part of our clinic and will be sadly missed.

Watch some images of her ...here
Video of Georgia

Poor Baby Poodle NOW IN A FOSTER HOME!

Puddle EhrlichiaPoor sadly and cruelly neglected older pet, she deserves the help that we are providing, and we pray that somebody will give her love and comfort for the rest of her days.

She is about 8 or 9 years old, So far we have removed hundreds of fleas and ticks, treated her hookworms. Fed her three good meals in first day, which eliminated her hunger pains. In 12 hours her bowels passed a lot of sand. She is being groomed now. Her fur was so matted that it was tearing her skin, Trying to get some relief from the discomfort she was using her teeth to pull of the mats, when we opened her mouth there was huge infection where the fur was clogged in clumps between her teeth. It was necessary to use a surgical instrument to remove the clumps, which were like "cotton balls- full of decaying food, sand and who knows what". We cannot imagine how she was able to eat at all.

She is now in good hands and getting the treatments that she deserves. Please donate to help her, she will need a full dental, treatment for Ehrlichia. We are not sure yet if she is spayed. Her vaccinations need to be updated and she will get a microchip before she is adopted.
She is getting better
If you would like to donate to help her, please do so below or stop by.

Dog hit by a car GREAT NEWS!

Now recovered and a cherished family member in a new loving home, she is thriving on long lost love.

FLUFFY Puppy STILL Needs a Home

6 months old puppy with lots of energy, playing is favorite thing to do. We are medicating for all sorts of allergies. Help us find him a home! He is full of fun an an absolute delight.
Fluffy Puppy is still in treatment and not yet ready to leave the hospital

He's such a cute loving young puppy. We've invested $460 in tests and medications for him, and we want someone to give him a chance. He's just a puppy looking for a new start!

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Elmo was adopted and doing well in his new home. With a kitten and bunny rabbit. Best friends.


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