Paws 2 Help

Financial Assistance

Veterinary care can be a costly and sometimes unexpected expense. Thankfully through the grants we receive we are able to provide the needed care to those in need.


To ensure that as many pets as possible receive vaccines and medications they need to stay healthy. The “Save our Pets” Initiative will provide community fur babies with life-saving vaccines and medications, such as heart-worm prevention, flea and tick protection, and protection from parvovirus. Paws2Help will also provide spay and neutering services to help us keep the population of unwanted pets to a minimum as well as elective and emergency surgical services that are affordable for all the families we serve.

When animals come to us with an illness or injury, our medical team is committed to providing a positive outcome that helps beloved pets lead long, healthy lives.


The first step in our process is simple: You are required to apply for CARECREDIT and/or SCRATCHPAY. These are two payment plan options most people are usually approved for and can be used for almost all veterinary care needs. If approved for either of these programs you can use them in clinic for all your pets medical needs. Regardless of being approved or denied please email us your Approval/Denial.

The following is the list or documentation needed in order for your application to be considered. Documentation under the “Required” portion MUST BE SUBMITTED otherwise your application will be denied.

Required Documentation:

  • Approval or denial for Carecredit
  • Approval or denial for Scratchpay
  • Copy of ID
  • Photo of your pet
  • Explanation of why assistance is needed

Our approval process can take a few days to complete and we will get back to you as soon as possible . We will contact you once we have reviewed your application.