About Paws 2 Help & The Community
Our Mission

Here at Paws2Help, our ultimate goal is no unwanted, homeless or abused companion animals. Our emphasis to achieve this end is primarily, but not confined to, spay/neuter and public information and education. Secondarily, we endeavor to make basic veterinary care available to ALL pets in need, regardless of their owner’s ability to pay.

Our Vision

To be able to have additional clinics open providing affordable at cost medical assistance.

Our Values

From Inception Our Values Are:
• Compassion
• Integrity
• Honesty
• Consistency

Be assured that donations are not used to support high executives salaries.

How do we spend our programs fee

Donations support the programs that are most needed. Larger donations have been used to purchase state of the art equipment to further our services.
As a very high volume non profit clinic we are to the greater part self funding for our dailt operations.

HOw we spend our program fees

Some of Our Videos

Some of our videos are fun, some are sad but our ultimate goal is no unwanted, homelss, or abused companion animals.

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